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About Us

Zapare Technologies works with Hospitals, Physician groups, Financial institutions, Clearing houses and Billing agencies to streamline, scale and improve their healthcare payment processing by efficiently deploying an array of intelligent technologies, staffing and business process management solutions.

With an innovative and automated approach, we smoothen the workflow to accelerate the growth of the organization by utilizing minimal resources.


We adhere to our core values of providing inspiring leadership, reliable partnerships, cutting edge technology and scalable services to make you the best in your business.


Innovation makes the process futuristic and advanced. With an innovative approach, we help organizations to attain competitiveness through cutting-edge solutions.


We work closely with your team to understand the business and operations and encapsulate the information to constitute the desired service.


We scale our activities with the growth level of the organization. With predefined strategies and methods, we ensure 100% committed results.


We are continually looking for opportunities to accelerate growth and overall business efficiency so you’re always ahead of the curve and provide added value to your customers and stakeholders.

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Our Mission

By rigorously pursuing a culture of excellence, innovation and learning, we are able to drive unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight in every aspect of your business.

Our Approach

We realize each business and project is diverse in nature. This understanding helps us to devise strategies to systematically analyse, plan, implement and maintain the projects in phases.

Research and analysis

Our team analyses the current procedures and flow of your Organization to gain an understanding of your processes and requirements. We set mutually agreed goals and timelines for the project.


We formulate the initiation of finalized strategies and solutions to be implemented ensuring there is nil or minimal disruption to current business operation.


We ensure there are multiple touch points to monitor the outcome and efficiency of the implemented processes to ensure they are in sync with the set goals.

Leadership Team

A dynamic and creative leadership team with over 20 combined years of experience managing largescale operations, diverse consulting assignments and implementing innovative business solutions for their clients

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Joe Wu

Co-Founder & President

zapare ceo

Johncy Joseph

Co-Founder & Managing Director

zapare ceo

Merijayana Winston

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

zapare cto

Shine Wilson

Chief Technology Officer



25 Most valuable Management & Business Consulting Companies in India 2019.

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zaphare Magazin

Featured in The CEO Magazine

We feel proud and honoured to be featured in The CEO Magazine in its December 2019 edition

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